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Seeking God Through Work: God’s plan for our work is to seek him through it. The use of our gifts in creative service is for the life of the world

February 24, 2019 Speaker: Jordan Dayoub Series: For the Life of the World

Passage: Matthew 25:13–25:29

When we went through our stewardship series-we touched a little bit on calling and vocation but we really only scratched the surface. In this series we’re trying get at “Why God put us here and what our faith is for?" Now our answer is that our faith is noit only for our life eternal but for the life of the world. But what does that look like? The first sermon explored the idea of seeking the welfare of the city in which we live. The second sermon we took a look at Abraham’s family as a model for all families; whose purpose is to bless the world. And today we’re talking about the fundamental role that work plays in God’s plan for the world.