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Dealing with Gossip : “STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES, but words can never harm me” (is so very untrue!!)

September 29, 2019 Speaker: Jordan Dayoub Series: Lessons from Proverbs

Passage: Proverbs 17:9, Proverbs 18:8, Proverbs 26:20

Of all the foolish words that threaten the peace of the church perhaps none have more potential for damage than gossip. Gossip is a verb and a noun. It’s not just what a person does, it can be who they are. But gossip is one of those sins that no one ever confesses to.


It is excessive interest in the affairs that belong to others that masks itself as concern. And above all it is grounded in pride. The pride that makes us savor that we know something that others don’t. That feeling that we’re “in the know”—that we’re privy to sensitive information. 

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