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Finding Christ in the Proverbs: To reject Jesus is to reject the way of wisdom.

November 17, 2019 Speaker: Jordan Dayoub Series: Lessons from Proverbs

Passage: Proverbs 8:22–8:31

Jesus is the embodiment of God’s wisdom. 



1.  Jesus as the faithful son 

2.  Jesus as the wisdom of God incarnate


To the average Christian, Proverbs may seem unremarkable at first glance—a collection of generalized advice about wisdom and wise living. Maybe as we’ve moved through the book you’ve been struck by the same attitude. How does this have anything to do with God? Couldn’t any person—believer or unbeliever-apply its principles and benefit? How is the wisdom here unique? 


Those are fair questions. After all, some of the wisdom in Proverbs is an amalgamation of wise sayings from the ANE. ANd that makes sense doesn’t it?—If an atheist says “He who jumps off a building will hit the ground” we don’t say, ‘nope, an unbeliever said that so it’s not true’ we say, ‘uh, that’s true’—Why?—because all truth is God’s truth. 


However, the wisdom in Proverbs is given new light and an interpretive dimension is added when we read the N.T.. Because It’s there that wisdom re-emerges not just as an idea but embodied and incarnate in a person.