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Where There Is Vision, There Is Provision

February 20, 2020 Pastor: Jordan Dayoub

Passage: Acts 4:32

Cultural success and worldly strategies aren’t enough to grow the church. 

 The church in Acts is an ideal of devotion and spiritual impact.  


  1. Spiritual Duties 
  2. . Spiritual Character 

  3. Spiritual impact 


God grows churches that are unified, joyful, spirit-filled, and generous because that conduct is a powerful testimony to the truth of the gospel. 

What we’re doing here in this church isn’t a vision for vision’s sake-  it’s about Jesus.

It may feel at time that we’re just stacking bricks on top of each other but we’re joining God in what he’s building. We’re stacking gospel bricks because God is building his kingdom—and he’s using Highlands Church to do it. 

As you look over the pledge cards this week and consider committing financially to the vision here—remember that a vision needs provision. And God has called each of us to take up the responsibility.