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Critical Moralizers: God (not us) is the only qualified judge. We are not each other's judge.

March 1, 2020 Pastor: Jordan Dayoub Series: The Book of Romans

Passage: Romans 2:1–2:16

God’s judgment is inescapable (1-4)

God’s judgment is righteous (5-11)

God’s judgment is impartial (6-12)

The gospel frees us to be real with God. It frees us to be honest with ourselves. We’ll avoid hypocritically standing in judgment of people who commit the same sins we commit  because we’ll realize that we are completely forgiven. 

And when you are completely forgiven by God—there’s nothing to hide. We don’t haver to keep up appearances. We’re all works in progress being sanctified -  progressively - by grace

And our attitude toward other sinners is not “how could you do that?” It’s I’m no different than you are “so let me know show where you can be made new.” 



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