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The Guilt of all Humanity: The whole world is accountable to God.

March 15, 2020 Pastor: Jordan Dayoub Series: The Book of Romans

Passage: Romans 3:9–3:20

Nothing a person does, whatever the object or motivation of obedience, can bring them into favor with God.

Whatever system of performance you rely on you need to know, it’ll never give you the security you want. Your confidence before God and even self-worth can never rest on how good you are at your job, or being a provider, or being smart, or image, or being good with money, or how well liked you are, or how physically fit, or how moral you are.

Because all those things rest with you, your abilities, and capabilities and eventually—inevitably you will fail. And when you fail—if your identity is not in Christ the thin veneer of security is peeled away.

When a spouse walks out the one left behind feels “no one loves me anymore”
When a person is let go by an employer they say “no one values me anymore"
When a sin is revealed that causes shame you think “no one respects me anymore”
And you fail to measure up to the person you thought you were and life comes crashing down all around you—you’ll wonder “do I matter anymore?”
In Christ the answer is always YES. You matter. Even when things fall apart.*****