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Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry


A major goal of the women's ministry, is to connect women.  In our gatherings we want to be a group that is safe and attractive to other women who are also looking to connect, share, grow, and learn.

We want to provide a ministry that enables people to feel safe with each other.  Therefore, as each person desires, they can share with each other, learn from each other, and pray for each other, all within the context of digging into the Scripture or Scriptural ideas together.

It is in this context that we work to bring together our women, their friends, and others who want to come.  That way we can build a caring fellowship around God's word.

Summer is about over  - -  in our subdivision, some of the leaves are dropping already. We will post our Fall plans as they become available   Stay tuned.


Coming Soon . . .  Devember 12th 2019

Christmas Family Traditions

Join us for an evening starting with dinner, then moving into our program where, with special music, we will hear from three families (Mothers and Daughters) about their special family traditions.   We will end the evening with our "Secret Sisters" reveal!

Dec 12th beginning at 6pm



The time has come to reveal, with great joy, the dates for Secret Sister. We will begin sign-ups starting on Sunday, October 20th.  On November 3rd we will draw names. This year it will begin on November 10 and wind up December 8th.   The final gift and revea-datel will be announced at a later date. Some of you may be wondering:

What is Secret Sister?

This is a sweet opportunity to encourage, support and edify one another through prayer as well as with personal notes, cards and small gifts. It is our hope that during this time your prayer life will bring you into deeper relationship with the Lord as you lift your sister and her needs to our Father. If you would like to participate, please sign-up.  If you need more information we will be happy to discuss that with you. 

Here are some helpful tips!
1.    This is a commitment. You are committing to be a Secret Sister until the final reveal. You are committing to PRAY for your Secret Sister on a regular basis. 

2.    Remember that you will be receiving as well as giving. If you will miss a Sunday or two please make arrangements with Maribel for your message/gift to be delivered.   

3.    A table will be set up for the Secret Sister gifts. If you wish to mail a card, a good way to mail it without revealing your identity is to put their address as both the return address as well as the mailing address. 

4.    Acknowledge your Secret Sister weekly. Find out her Birthday, favorite color, food, hobby etc..

5.    You can also give gifts for Thanksgiving-- a card thanking the Lord for her. 

6.    The final gift will be presented, by you, to your Secret Sister at the Christmas Party in December (TBD)

7.    Feel free to be as creative as you wish (it is strongly encouraged!). 

8.    Concealing your identity is a primary goal, remember to type or have someone else write for you in case your handwriting might be recognized. Also, never deliver the goods on your own---Sisters are watching

9.    Don't spend too much money, this should be a pleasure not a burden. A note saying you are thinking about her goes a long way! 

HAVE FUN with this and enjoy the opportunity to get to know one another. If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please contact Maribel!

   A CARD    ~~~    A CANDY BAR, MINTS, GUM      ~~~    BAG OF COFFEE
   CALENDAR    ~~~    COFFEE MUG     ~~~     GIFT CARD 
   SCRIPTURES   ~~~    CUPCAKES      ~~~      FLOWERS
                                                                                               The possibilities are endless!! 

Pray and ask the Lord to bless you to bless your sister, you'll be amazed to know what that card or the Scripture or a prayer will mean! 

So excited to see a table filled with blessings on Sundays! The fun begins November 10.