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Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry


A major goal of the women's ministry, is to connect women, and in our gathreings, to be a group that is safe and attractive to othters who are also looking to connect, share, grow, and learn.

We want to provide a ministry that enables people to feel safe with each other, and therefore, as each person desires, they can share with each other, learn from each other, and pray for each other, all within the context of digging into the Scripture or Scriptural ideas together.

It is in this context that we work to bring together our women, their friends, and others who want to come, so that  we can build a caring fellowship around God's word.

Summer is about over  - -  in our subdivision, some of the leaves are dropping already. We will post our Fall plans as they become abvailable   Stay tuned.


A Look Back:

Women's Ministry:  Summer 2019 



We were excited to be able to offer a book study!  Our women read and discussed  “Identity Theft: Reclaiming The Truth of Who We Are In Christ” (Jen Wilkin).   It has 10 chapters, each written by a different author.  Each chapter  functioned as a stand-alone study which includesd discussion questions that formed the basis for our discussion  .  




Another Look Back:

  • Below are some pics from our Women's "Cooking, Eating and Salsa Dancing" evening together

Ladies: Cooking, Eating, and Salsa Dancing!– Image 1 of 10


Click here for a few pictures from our (11/4) "Field Trip to Soulard's"

Click here for "Let's Chop with Concert" (11/18/17)

Dec 2017 Women's Christmas Party

Christmas Party 2017– Image 1 of 18